2. Redesign of Rocklive festival in Koprivnica. Check the whole thing out on https://www.behance.net/markogalinec


  3. Magazine for cultural happenings in Koprivnica.

  4. Balkan is a new typeface system that consists of Latin and Cyrillic scripts. The use of Latin and Cyrillic typifies the former Yugoslavian countries, today Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro.

    The Balkan typeface system is a series of fonts that decodes Latin and Cyrillic; it demystifies, depoliticizes and reconciles them for the sake of education, tolerance, and above all, communication. Though Balkan is a ”font” in the usual sense, it is also capable of translating Croatian Latin into Serbian Cyrillic and vice versa. One could therefore think of it as educational software capable of reconciling discrete scripts. Project was made in collaboration with Nikola Djurek and is available at Typonine.

    Đurek, ftw

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    "Missing the Mark" by David Olenick

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  6. escapekit:

    Not On App Store

    Someone has cleverly made a sticker that serves as a reminder that the most important things in life are not on the app store. The sticker can be purchased for a $1 each, or you can make your own with the template here

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